SPIERS software

SPIERS (Serial Palaeontological Image Editing and Rendering System) is a package of three programs for the digital visualisation and analysis of tomographic (serial image) datasets, such as those obtained from serial-grinding of specimens, or from CT scanning.

The software

The SPIERS software suite can be used to create 3D surface models from slice-based data. It is coded in C++, and employs cross-platform application framework Qt. The package comprises three applications, all of which are freely available and fully documented.


Screenshot of SPIERSalign

SPIERSalign - A tool to allow manual aligning (registration) of images in serial datasets (not required for CT data), and to crop data to 3D region of interest.


Screenshot of SPIERSedit

SPIERSedit - Software to prepare and manipulate (aligned/registered) tomographic datasets for viewing.


Screenshot of SPIERSview

SPIERSview - A 3D viewer for SPIERS and VAXML datasets (meshes in stl/ply linked using an xml file – more details).


Full manuals are provided, now updated to the current version of the software. Manuals are incorporated into the installs and accessible from the About menu in the programs, but can also be viewed online at Read the Docs:

SPIERSalign manual
SPIERSedit manual
SPIERSview manual